London slaves, February is your time to serve

London slaves, I have to say that as much as I'm enjoying the break from London weather, I'm looking forward to getting back to be worshipped, and back to torture and tease you.  My vanilla friends are missing their usual hit of kinky fun too!

I'm planning a trip away in March and from April, I will only be available for sessions Friday to Sunday on one, possibly two weekends a month.  From April, my tribute will be increasing to £250ph for new slaves, current slaves will retain the same tribute of £200ph.  

I'm hoping you'll play your part in making it one hell of a kinky February!  I've already got a few sessions with vanilla friends watching in My diary.

My February session wish list:

1) Lots of cuckolding...I'm having serious BBC withdrawals

2) Double Domme with a T-girl (a carryover from my Christmas Kink wish list)

3) A possible CFNM party....

4) To be spoilt with a Valentine's Spa Day

Get in touch to apply for your chance to serve Me and make My February one filled with sessions never to forget.

Kinky regards,

Miss Helen

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Cling film cocoon encasement

As a mainly domestic Dominatrix, I love using everyday, domestic items for kinky fun.  I want you to leave the session and run the risk of getting impromptu, inappropriate erections.  For example, this slave will never be able to glance into his kitchen drawer again without getting aroused by the sight of cling film!  (A deviant smile is spread across my face thinking about it).

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A few more weeks for fun...

My December session wish list:

  • Multiple cuckolding sessions enjoying my favourite BBC lover while you watch in disbelief that such an alpha male exists.  (December is going to be a month of overindulging in d, in anticipation of a dry January...)
  • A double domme with a T-girl
  • A CFNM Xmas party with multiple vanilla friends
  • Tickle torture
  • A festive fin dom shopping spree
  • A sexy Santa's helper sissification
  • Plenty of foot worship

How can you serve?

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London, I'm back!

London slaves, you can stop cranking, I'm back in London from 1st October and will be there until Christmas.

Later this month, I'm going to be doing some more filming and launching my clips4sale store in November.  Suggestions welcomed; what would you like to see?  There will be more foot fetish, more ball busting...maybe a cuckold tease clip?

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Miss Helen
Now in Dublin

I've packed my cane, paddle, flogger and thaws...but yet to see a slave who can be marked.  Where are the pain sluts?!

Human atms, shopping slaves, make yourselves known!  Brown Thomas is calling.  You're not going to let me down, and having to leave Dublin without being treated to a little retail therapy in the city's finest?

So, Dublin slaves, get in touch now for your opportunity to serve Me on my final Dublin trip this year.  Complete my contact form or send an introductory email to telling me about your previous experience, interests, hard limits and when you would like to serve Me.

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Most humiliating session so far?

I felt inspired during a browse of my local sex shop when I came across Naomi.  

I'd had a number of sessions with a particular slave, who thrives on ever increasing levels of humiliation.  Pushing limits and being creative with how I do so is always fun.  

Two of my vanilla friends would be joining for my next session with slave n, and I could just imagine their horror / delight at what I was going to make him do.

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Next Miss Helen Dubai trip 11-15th September

Dubai subs, how much have you missed me?!  It's been a while since my last trip.  This porcelain Princess can't handle the ridiculous heat of Dubai in the summer.

I'm looking forward to seeing my loyal regulars.  Available between 11-15th September.

I've already taken my first booking, so get in early to avoid missing out and crying pathetically!  I will be there at the same time as Modern Empress...double trouble! 

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My first visit to Dublin

I had great craic on my first trip to Dublin with a vanilla friend in July and plan to come back again in late September.  Exact dates will be announced in the next couple of weeks.

I love having sessions in a totally domestic environment and being able to exploit you boys to the fullest.  We had slaves doing our washing up, cleaning our kitchen, bringing takeaway and giving foot rubs while we watched film...these simple femdomme lifestyle activities make me happy...almost as much as the human atm cash meets ;-)

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A SESSION WITH MISS HELEN - Or a blast from the past brings pain to my arse 

"I type this with my backside sore, aching, bruised and well welted from a thorough, merciless and [ for me a first ] cold caning from Miss Helen....

As I climbed the stairs to her central London eyrie, I was fascinated by the prospect of how she had developed as a domme and developed she has. Controlled, quietly demanding, calm, sadistic and funny. What more can one want? 

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A puppy's perspective

Last year, I met a great, kinky couple in London and was delighted that our paths crossed again during my last visit to Dubai.  I wrote an earlier blog post about our first encounter and am happy to share our second meet-up from the puppy's perspective.  

They initially had a vanilla relationship, with both of their natural tendencies becoming clear and evolving into puppy training and a wonderful female-led relationship.  The fem domme world was a new exploration and unable to talk with friends about it, she and I had talked all about how much more fun this way of life is, while puppy attentively served us.

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Miss Helen
Foot fetish fans (sensual foot play without domination)

From time to time, I get a nervous, tentative email from a foot fetishist who would love to fulfil their fantasies at My pretty feet, but who feel intimidated by by blog posts and tweets they've seen of my more sadistic pleasures, such as CBT, strap-on, humiliation etc .

I can play nicely too!  I adore having My feet admired, massaged, kissed, licked, toes sucked.  Breathing in a foot fetishist's intoxication at My sexy feet. You can spend an hour of sensual foot play and being erotically teased, as I enjoy your adoration of My feet without any power play.  And if you're a bit shy, you can keep your clothes on too!

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Next Dubai trip 1st-4th May

Dubai subs and foot fetish slaves, I've booked my next trip to Dubai!  It's going to be my last one until September.  I'll be available for foot worship sessions, strap-on training, humiliation, puppy training, leg worship, sploshing, golden showers, caning, spanking, shoe worship, trampling.... on Monday 1st to Thursday 4th.

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CFNM Party with vanilla girl audience

I'm throwing my first CFNM party with the help of one of my loyal CFNM subs.  It will be on Thursday 4th May.  

I will be arranging for five vanilla friends to join me and there are spaces for two more subs to join the party, so the ratio of naked slaves will be one slave to two ladies.  Have you fantasised about a CFNM party being humiliated, being used for ladies entertainment?  Being our naked butler?  

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Calling all interracial cuckolds...

Interracial cuckold slaves, get in touch now to be the first to have a session with my new bull, being humiliated in the most intense way, in a real time cuckold session.  For SPH, there's nothing like seeing what kind of cock your size-queen Mistress needs to satisfy her.  These are my favourite sessions, so let's make it a more regular occurrence.

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New thirty minute foot worship / chastity control sessions

I've got a domestic new play space in the heart of the West End and am now able to offer thirty minute foot worship, or chastity control sessions.

Thirty minutes to enjoy having my feet kissed, toes sucked and soles licked.  Delighting in the effect of my presence and my feet on you and your dick.

Or perhaps thirty minutes to be temporarily released from chastity, then locked up again, before being sent back to work!

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