London vanilla girl sessions

Hello London subs,

Here's a little treat for you boys who love the idea of having vanilla girls join our session.

Last week, two friends joined me for two hours at My slave's 5* hotel.  I had first seen this slave a couple of years ago, during a double domme with the divine Modern Empress.

This time, he wanted the extra humiliation of being forced to sniff My feet after a day in My leather boots and teased with My magic wand.  Having to beg Me to stop before bringing him right to the edge and ruining his orgasm.  I adore teasing and edging My subs for extended periods so that they are thoroughly frustrated!

There is nothing like the intense experience of being edged for over an hour, begging for mercy, being used to clean my friends boots, or massage their feet, serve us drinks....only to be subjecting to a ruined orgasm and our laughter at your mixed emotions of physical disappointment at the lack of orgasm, humiliation before us and pleasure taking in our joy at your ruin.

One friend has joined Me in a couple of sessions now, the second was here for her first time.  Both absolutely loved it!  

Use My contact form to apply to serve us.  The tribute for each vanilla girl to watch is £50 and if you want them to participate in anyway, such as foot massages etc, it's £100.

Sessions can either be held in your hotel room, at a playspace / dungeon near Piccadilly Circus, or take us for dinner and drinks!

Looking forward to the next one.

Kinky regards,

Miss Helen