Foot Gagging and Extreme Execution Fantasy

In October, a slave submitted the session request below:

"I'd love the chance to book a session with you, but the role play I'm after is a bit extreme so I wanted to make sure it's acceptable to you first.

It's a role play in which Mistress kills/executes her slave using her bare feet to gag and strangle him. I won't go into the full detail but the most extreme elements are for the gagging to be hard enough to make me vomit and the strangling to make me or bring me close to passing out. 

I've done this numerous times before but haven't often been pushed to my limit. If you are happy with the above I'd like to explore this with you."

I was excited to have an application from a slave who was experienced and looking to push their limits with extreme play, and in particular breath play, a kink that I haven't explored much with slaves.  Certainly, not to an extreme level.

As I'm not a fan of Roman showers and I had absolutely no intention of vomit in any form featuring in our session, I told slave to fast all day.  Our session was in the evening, so fasting ensured that I could push his gag reflex to the absolute limit with zero risk of inducing anything other than wretching.

I delighted in forcing My entire foot into his mouth, feeling My toes touching the back of his throat, filling his mouth completely and making him squirm in discomfort while I kept My foot in his mouth while he gagged.

Slave A wanted his limits pushed, so I was pretty relentless in continually forcing My foot down his throat despite the constant gagging, his eyes watering and his struggle for breath...

Another element of slave A's kinks that he shared with Me was the fantasy of being strangled to the point of passing out underneath My feet.  I have basic BJJ skills with the ability to choke out using My legs, but I'd never tried to choke someone under My feet.  

I ordered him to lay down and delighted in gradually increasing the pressure of My foot on his throat, watching him get redder and redder, and a a look of panic and fear coming into his eyes.  I teased and played with different amounts of pressure, for various durations and frequency.  I enjoyed kneeling over him and squeezing around his throat with my hand to add pressure on both sides of his throat, telling him exactly how much pleasure the execution was giving Me.  Looking him straight in the eye, smiling, laughing, taunting him while he was powerless beneath Me.  Alternating between chokes is a delicious combination!

I was very impressed with slave A.  His ability to take an intense foot gagging, only turning his head and squirming away on a few occasions.  This weakness was punished when I started to strangle him.  It was during this time that slave A showed how devoted he was to pleasing Me.  Although we had a signal for him to tap out, he didn't use it, even when he got to the point of passing out.  From my BJJ experience, I was able to tell the precise moment before he would pass out.  I relished the colour change of his face, the sweat breaking on his brow, the despair in his expression....releasing My foot from his throat just before his eyes started to roll, giving him the most intense asphyxiation rush, while simultaneously experiencing a huge rush of sadistic pleasure.

To share slave A's perspective, below are a few paragraphs he wrote about the experience:

"Prior to the session I was extremely excited, role playing in my head as to how it will play out and the feelings both emotional and physical that I would experience. Before meeting I sent a detailed overview of my past experience and preferences to Miss Helen, However upon meeting and before the session started Miss Helen took the time to speak to me and ask lots of questions which gave me great confidence that this would be a great first session, speaking about my fetish openly also got me very excited.

At the start of the session Mistress had me pamper her feet as to her preference, it was great for me to take a closer look at them and feel how soft they were! As Mistress became more demanding I also had the privilege of licking her feet clean which was also great. After this the torturing began, which compromised of Mistress both shoving her feet down my throat and standing on it. 

To start with the strangling was great, I had a safe action where I could tap out but was reluctant to use it as I wanted to please Mistress as it was my first time and also enjoyed the sensation of feeling her foot around my throat as well as the submissive position I was in on the floor. I definitely felt the pressure as Mistress was harsher each time and showed no indication of softening up which was great as I wanted to be pushed!

With the gagging I couldn't help but turn my head a few times as my gag reflex kicked in (and the back of my throat hurt), but again I was doing my best to hold still as although it was painful, having Mistress's feet in my mouth was an awesome experience. I really can't wait to do this again!

The session itself was fantastic, without going into the specific details I felt that most of what I enjoyed was covered and also had a couple of first time experiences which I wasn't expecting, this added to the session in a positive light. Miss Helen continued to push my limits as the session went on and I believe this trend will continue in future sessions and they can become more extreme over time in a safe and consensual manor. In addition to my darker fetishes I was overjoyed with the experience and privilege of being under Miss Helen's feet, that in itself is a great memory I won't forget."

I look forward to the next time I have slave A underneath My feet and pushing him even further.