Making a new Domme-girlfriend friend and her puppy

A few weeks ago I met a gorgeous, naturally dominant lady and her puppy boyfriend.  I was delighted to finally do a session with a couple, especially as the idea of having a session with Me was led by the puppy's owner.

Jessica had always been bossy and enjoyed being in control, without being aware of the femdomme dynamic that was established in her relationships.  She was curious to meet another lady who was part of the world of domination to ask the many questions she had.

I met Jessica at her hotel, wearing almost identical outfits.  Both with great taste in leather leggings!  Her puppy was told to wait upstairs while we started chatting.  When we were ready for a glass of wine, puppy was summoned to come down the stairs to meet Me and serve us.

I loved the story of how their relationship evolved and opened up to kink, and introducing femdomme play into their lives.  It began when Jessica and her puppy went shoe shopping.  Jessica noticed how much pleasure puppy got from watching her try on heels, watching the assistants in the shop serve her and his offer to buy multiple pairs of heels on each shopping trip. This became a monthly trip.  I can only imagine Jessica's heel collection!

While having no interest in the fetish-side of puppy play, Jessica and her puppy integrated aspects of puppy training into their relationship.  Enjoying patting him, stroking his fur while drink a glass of wine to relax in the evenings after work.  Having an obedient puppy to make her happy.

Before I knew it, two hours had flown past.  I asked Jessica if she would join Me as a vanilla friend for a session when she's in London next, or when our paths cross abroad.  We'd love to go on a shoe shopping trip together, followed by dinner and drinks...or I suggested a box at the opera.  Jessica and I could enjoy a ballet or opera, while puppy (or a lucky slave) gives us a foot massage and worships our new shoes and feet.  

We also discussed the possibility of a lifestyle holiday with one of my slaves and her puppy in the summer.  

I can imagine how many subs and puppies would dream to be in a loving lifestyle relationship like theirs.  For Me, it was so nice to meet an open-minded girlfriend who was receptive and curious about the femdomme scene.

We finished the session with puppy bringing Jessica's new shoes and Me popping on another pair of her heels for a photo souveigner.  Perfect girls night in!