Cling film cocoon encasement

As a mainly domestic Dominatrix, I love using everyday, domestic items for kinky fun.  I want you to leave the session and run the risk of getting impromptu, inappropriate erections.  For example, this slave will never be able to glance into his kitchen drawer again without getting aroused by the sight of cling film!  (A deviant smile is spread across my face thinking about it).

This was slave J's second time having a session with me for cocoon encasement, using my favourite domestic bondage item.  He popped his BDSM cherry with me and was wise enough to know that the experience could be repeated with no other.

I used two full rolls of clingfilm to completely bind this sub's arms to his side and legs tightly together, so he had no room for movement, and certainly no hope of escape.  One area was kept cling film free so he could be teased, tortured, edged, milked and drained.  Totally helpless and as you can see, extremely aroused!  

I love a challenge and managed to milk exactly the same number of ejaculations from him as his first time, with some entertaining post-orgasm torture in between!  Four orgasms in an hour.  Pretty impressive considering bondage time!

He adores the smell of my smelly socks and sweaty trainers, so he was in heaven when I extended the clingfilm to wrap around his head and secure the fresh, stinky socks over his nose and mouth. Each inhalation laden with delicious scent of my pretty feet.

I had so much fun during this session and want more cocoon fetishists to come and be my willing victims.  I'm thinking of all sorts fun I could have...CBT, figging, ruined orgasm, tease, cock trampling, post orgasm punishment...while my slave is bound, utterly helpless.