A note from my Ann Summers Party Crasher...

I love to hear from you after our session.  I'm happy to share slave m's perspective as he thinks back to the fun we had last week...

"Well the dust has settled on the fantastic session we had last week & I just wanted to thank you for such an amazing experience. 

As you know, the appeal for me beforehand was that I wanted to feel vulnerable, outnumbered & embarrassed in front of a small audience, but in a playful manner that didn't intimidate me (much). Wow...I can't imagine you nailing it anymore perfectly.


From the moment I arrived, there was a sense of fun & you really put me at ease so I could relax and enjoy myself. I couldn't believe that within a few minutes I was sitting there naked infront if you all, being asked about my experience, fantasies & naughty secrets. You of course knew most of it already, but making me say it all to the CFs was both excruciating and exciting for me!

I have SO many lasting memories, but to summarise a few...

The dancing/stripping - well this was sprung on me somewhat (you are as cruel as you are beautiful), and all I can say is I'll be tuning into Magic Mike before next visit as my moves need some sharpening - thank you for the encouragement despite my lame attempts & even letting me hijack the music with some 'retro' tunes, don't think I'll ever view an aerobic video again without blushing 😉

A word on your friends...I couldn't be more smitten with the combo of you 3. Sarah had such a mischievous way to her, and I loved that Jessica got so involved, the nail painting was cringeworthy but fun! I just wish I'd had the confidence to 'work the room' a bit more with my lap dancing, but you can't blame me by being a bit shy around such hotties! 

There was so much fun & banter that I almost wasn't as desperately horny as I expected...this certainly changed when you were standing in front of me looking into my eyes as you put the lipstick on me, and we all know how it escalated from there. And through the shame, I must admit that I absolutely loved being made to wank for you all - the mental image is so strong, and oh my god am I glad you took pity on me in allowing relief! The humiliation that followed was, I must admit, a huge rush too.

My mood for the next few days was untouchable. The relief and satisfaction I felt after one of my most enjoyable evenings ever, was really something to treasure & my mind is already racing to the thought of recreating the fun next time!


Thank you for being awesome & doing what you do.



Thank-you, slave m.  We had so much fun with you when you crashed our Ann Summers Party ;-)  Looking forward to next time...we can't wait to see what moves you pick up from Magic Mike.

Kinky regards