A puppy's perspective

Last year, I met a great, kinky couple in London and was delighted that our paths crossed again during my last visit to Dubai.  I wrote an earlier blog post about our first encounter and am happy to share our second meet-up from the puppy's perspective.  

They initially had a vanilla relationship, with both of their natural tendencies becoming clear and evolving into puppy training and a wonderful female-led relationship.  The fem domme world was a new exploration and unable to talk with friends about it, she and I had talked all about how much more fun this way of life is, while puppy attentively served us.

"Life as a puppy is great!

Imagine, how good it can turn out if your Mistress tells you one day that her friend is coming over from London next week and she is excited to meet her and catch up.

That’s exactly what happened when Miss Helen visited Dubai the last time.

My Mistress told me that she had arranged a chat & bite over drinks, and what is better than that: She was taking me with her to demonstrate to her friend my training as a puppy!

I bought some bites & drinks and then we met Miss Helen. I was not allowed to talk and my only responsibility was to serve them and obey to my Mistress’s orders.

Everything was so natural. Initially, both of them were ignoring me as I was preparing the bites & the drinks. It was a typical girls’ “talking and laughing” gathering, without paying any attention to me. When I served them, I was called to sit (actually squeeze myself) in front of the sofa where they were sitting. Of course, this was the best place for a puppy! As they were talking, drinking and laughing, I was licking my Mistress’s feet and I was massaging Miss Helen’s feet. Both of them were dressed super sexy and elegant, wearing some fantastic high heels (peep toes & sandals, so I could see their freshly polished pedicure!). Sometimes I was lucky and I was getting some treats either directly from their hands or my Mistress was throwing treats on the floor, so I had to eat them and lick the floor clean…

In summary, the 2 gorgeous ladies had a great time as it always happens when they meet after a long time, and the puppy was super excited, sitting by their feet, getting some treats, massaging their feet and serving them. 

I wish they could meet more often and always have me serving them and being their loyal slave! I love being their human foot rest & human furniture for as long as my Mistress desires!"

Thank-you puppy for sharing your perspective.  I'm excited to see how your puppy training continues!  

He's such a good puppy already, eager, attentive and very sweet...but there's always room for improvement and pleasing your Mistress more.

I love meeting couples, or play partners, who are perhaps just starting out and testing their curiousity about fem domme, maybe exploring further, or wanting to add another dimension and experience double domme.  I prefer to be contacted by your Mistress if you are a sub who is lucky enough to be in a female-led relationship.  

Miss Helen