CFNM Party with vanilla girl audience

*Fully booked! I had such a big response I will organise another in a few months.  Check my blog / Twitter for updates*

I'm throwing my first CFNM party with the help of one of my loyal CFNM subs.  It will be on Thursday 4th May.  

I will be arranging for five vanilla friends to join me and there are spaces for two more subs to join the party, so the ratio of naked slaves will be one slave to two ladies.  Have you fantasised about a CFNM party being humiliated, being used for ladies entertainment?  Being our naked butler?  

The party will be in a domestic environment, at an apartment close to Paddington.  We'll meet for drinks in a nearby pub, before going to the apartment.

My slave has already got his creative, game suggestions in.  I've read them to one of my vanilla friends already and she's very excited about taking part!

*UPDATE - this party is already fully booked!  There may be a chance for one more lucky slave to join the party and I would arrange for another two vanilla friends to keep the ratio 2 superior women : 1 slave*

Games ideas:
1) A face sitting challenge - which male can hold out the longest under you

2) A best balls contest - ladies vote for the lowest hanging, most robust, biggest, etc, with punishment for the losers

3) A best bum competition

4) Blind mans buff- short periods during the party where the males are all blindfold, and the ladies can touch any part of them they want to

5) showers vs growers - every male is measured flaccid, and erect, to see who is in which camp as it were, and the SPH crown of shame for the lose

6) dick costumes - two ladies to each penis to dress it up for display and a vote on prettiest cock and balls

7) Best prick teasers - two ladies per male to tease him, whisper to him, touch anything except his genitals, to see who can provoke the best erection

8) foot massages for all the ladies

9) the dice game - roll the dice to decide whether to spank or cane, and for how many strokes

10) a close shave - fun for the ladies shaving their male's pubic hair off

11) Blind ladies buff - ladies are blindfold one at a time and feel the slaves genitals and guess who is who

12) Intelligent penis - in pairs take a slave and dress his penis and balls to make them look intelligent, followed by photos and judging

13) speed life class - ladies you have 3 minutes to draw your slave's privates, or his ass, followed by judging

14) the tape game - slaves have a piece of stick tape placed somewhere on them, and a blindfold lady has to find it

15) best helicopter - slaves line up before the audience and must make their cocks circle as fast as possible ready for takeoff, with forfeit for the worst performance

16) best bouncers - slaves line up before the audience and must make their balls bounce as high as possible, forfeit for the worst performance

17) wipe-off slave: use and part of the slave's body for noughts and crosses - his chest, forehead, upturned arse, wherever (must be erasable!!)

18) quick draw mcgaw - an end game, which male is going to spurt the furthest, which the most, and which first?
In addition as Mistress of Ceremonies I take any male at any time and cane his arse hard to keep him in line. Or invite one of the ladies to do the honours.

Sound like fun?  I think it sounds like a lot of fun!

The party will be 2 hours long and the tribute for each slave is £350.  Email me to apply to attend -  You'll need to send a deposit of £100 to secure your place.  Feel free to include party game suggestions with your application.

Kinky regards,

Miss Helen