A SESSION WITH MISS HELEN - Or a blast from the past brings pain to my arse 

"I type this with my backside sore, aching, bruised and well welted from a thorough, merciless and [ for me a first ] cold caning from Miss Helen. 

I first met the beautiful, composed Miss Helen when she was a vanilla audience cum tyro domme working with one of London’s most renowned and respected Mistress. I had a session with her when she had branched out on her own and then there was, for my own personal reason, a three year hiatus. 

As I climbed the stairs to her central London eyrie, I was fascinated by the prospect of how she had developed as a domme and developed she has. Controlled, quietly demanding, calm, sadistic and funny. What more can one want? 

Well for one thing lots of mirrors and these were not in short supply. Receiving a beating from a beautiful Mistress and not being able to see her is always a disappointment but as I leant against a mantelpiece, with my bum presented for the cane, I was faced by a large mirror and in it the smiling, laughing face of a lovely, red haired domme thrashing my backside and for her added amusement, making me thank her, in a different accent, for each stroke. 

The pain made me forget the burning of my Deep Heat covered cock and balls and if I thought that the break in my beating for some electro torture would bring some relief, I was quickly disabused. As she turned up the dial of the E Stim, I was bent double, head forced, by the pain, into her legs and begging for mercy. I was thankful to return to her cane! 

What a wonderful hour with a beautiful lady. The only question is will my bum have healed before I return for more? "

slave p