Dublin tour 17th and 18th July

Irish slaves, get ready...I'm going to be in Dublin from 16th - 19th July.

I'm taking bookings for sessions in from 5pm to 10.30pm on Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th.  You may apply to serve during the day, but a session will not be guaranteed as I'm visiting a friend who takes priority.  Sessions during the day will be considered if you want a vanilla audience, the same for Sunday evening.  I may be able to squeeze one early morning session in on Wednesday 18th between 9-10.30am.

Tribute is €230 for one hour, €140 for 30 mins foot worship, €60 for vanilla audience for one hour.

Open to offers from lifestyle slaves for dinner, drinks invites etc.

I'm looking forward to my first Dublin visit.  If you work your Irish charm on Me, I'm sure I'll plan future visits!

Apply early to book in advance and avoid disappointment, especially if you have special requests for kit, shoes etc.

Kinky regards,

Miss Helen