My first visit to Dublin

I had great craic on my first trip to Dublin with a vanilla friend in July and plan to come back again in late September.  Exact dates will be announced in the next couple of weeks.

I love having sessions in a totally domestic environment and being able to exploit you boys to the fullest.  We had slaves doing our washing up, cleaning our kitchen, bringing takeaway and giving foot rubs while we watched film...these simple fem domme lifestyle activities make me happy...almost as much as the human atm cash meets ;-)

One little piggy met me twice.  He had the privilege of a first public cash meet just before my friend and I were going to be pampered at a massage parlour...much to the amusement and bewilderment of the therapists!  Seeing a very flustered piggy rush up to the door with an expression full of excitement, nerves and delight when he saw me for the first time.  

I generously gave the gift of my chewing gum and sent him on his way €300 lighter.  The following morning he came to the apartment before we checked out, this time humiliated by being made to sniff my smelly trainers and teased with the thought of my pretty feet being denied to him, before being booted out a few minutes later, again €300 lighter.  

On my next trip, I'm looking forward to taking my human atm shoe shopping in Brown Thomas and perhaps another surprise challenge...

Another experienced slave entertained my friend and I with tales of his long term lifestyle servitude of a Mistress involving all sorts of kinky fun at parties, milking machines (being in Ireland, we're not talking BDSM milking machines, but real life, actual dairy, milking machines!!!), spanking with nettles...We were in stitches.  He was even lucky enough to have been the willing victim to receive my friend's first flogging.  She loved it!

Thank-you to all of my slaves for making my first first trip so much fun.

Kinky regards,

Miss Helen