Cuckold fantasy no more...

On a recent London trip, I was delighted to finally have a hotel room with the perfect bed for a cuckoldress.  On many occasions my cucks have been tied to a chair, kneeling on the floor beside the bed, forced to stand in a corner looking away, but never have I had the fun of forcing a cuckold slave to lay under the bed while I enjoy my bull.  I loved how in his haste, he went under the bed face down.  No chance of a sneaky play with his useless cuckold dick in that position!

Cuckold under the bed.jpg

Cuckolding is one of my favourite ways to humiliate, degrade and tease a slave.  Many slaves have the delusional, wildly optimistic hope that maybe, someday they would be allowed intimate contact, or that I'll be overcome with horniness and use them to satisfy my sexual needs.  There is nothing like a cuckolding session with my handsome, Adonis of a big, black bull to remind how delusional you are!  

My men of choice are a least 6'2", handsome, muscular, athletic and with a girthy dick that is a minimum of 9".  And these criteria are rarely found in a white guy.


The soon-to-be cuckold slave had served me before.  This is always my recommendation for new cuckold subs.  A cuckold session is not simply about the physical presence of the bull and the humiliation that his alpha presence brings, but also the psychological teasing and control established when I meet you one-to-one initially.

A cuckold needs to be trained and prepared for the extreme humiliation of a cuckolding session.  Not to mention, I'm often a little preoccupied with the pleasure of a massive dick to be fully articulate when I'm cuckolding you!

One of my favourite ways to reinforce how utterly useless your little cuck dick is, is with a thorough ball busting.  Not only will you suffer from blue balls, you'll be sent home with black and blue balls. This slave endured a hard ball busting before the bulls arrival, and even had the humiliation of receiving a ball busting in front of my amused bull.

How I love having slaves under my feet like this in total submission and adoration.

Submission under Miss Helen Foot Mistress.JPG
photo 1.JPG
photo 2.JPG

Similarly to how all my sessions are unique, all my cuckold sessions are different.  I often have enquiries asking me what I do with my cuckolds.  It depends on my mood, it depends on how I gauge your limits, etc. 

You can expect to be teased, frustrated, humiliated, highly aroused, responsible for massaging and sucking my feet while my bull takes care of everything else.  You will see and hear how a real man can please a superior woman.

I have occasional enquiries where the slave thinks that a cuckolding session is a way to worship me intimately.  The only clean-up you can hope for is cleaning either your cum, or my bull's cum off your face.  I do not allow any intimate contact, so keep that fantasy!  The closest you can hope get is by receiving a delicious wash down with a golden shower.  No naked face sitting required to prepare me for my bull, so considerate of you to offer ;-)  (I highly doubt that any of you could rival his oral skills anyway).  You can pray that you are allowed to watch him.  Perhaps from the end of the bed as you massage my feet.

Sometimes my cuckolds are subjected to sensory deprivation.  Blind folded, tied to a chair, made to face the wall, forced to hide in the wardrobe...or if I'm back at the same hotel again, you will be under the bed!

A cuckolding session is always intense.  Always exhilarating.  Always humiliating and will always leave you wanting more.